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I want to use a screeen reader for my q&a site.

I get this code from them

Insert the following script declaration somewhere between <head> and </head>:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://wr.readspeaker.com/webreader/webreader.js.php?cid=NF1WC658XVEPGCI37DY0Z0UX6810G5UU"></script>

The above i succeeded to do. next,

Insert the HTML code below, at the place where you want the webReader button to appear.

<a href="http://wr.readspeaker.com/webreader/webreader.php?cid=NF1WC658XVEPGCI37DY0Z0UX6810G5UU&amp;t=web_free&amp;title=readspeaker&amp;url=" onclick="readpage(this.href+escape(document.location.href),1); return false;">
<img src="http://media.readspeaker.com/images/webreader/listen_nl_nl.gif" style="border-style: none;"  title="" alt="" /></a>
<div id="WR_1"></div>

This above i added also from backend in sidebar. It Works caus it shows in my sidebar. almost there. next final part to make it read the questions and answers pages with a voice for people with a seeing disability i have to use this code.


If you do not want the complete page to be read you can easily control where the reading should begin and end. Add these HTML comments to your web page or your website page templates.


Start the reading:
Stop the reading:


I manage to paste the code on the make pages in the backend i simply use it like this.



My about text or something

<!-- RSPEAK_STOP -->


i save the page and when someone clicks in the sidebar on the readspeaker icon from step 2 above it reads the page for them very nice.

Here it comes thats a page.

I need it to read the questions and answers.

Ive bin looking for the php in the folder qa-include that controls that.

So i wanna paste the code maybe in qa-page-questions.php


like this so it reads a question and answer on the details page i mean when you click on a answer to view it.

Like this ? BREAKS UP THE site i really hope you can help me with this where to paste the start end end code so it reads on the questions details page.



 Question2Answer (c) Gideon Greenspan


 File: qa-include/qa-page-questions.php
   $linkparams, // extra parameters for page links
  $linkparams, // category nav params
  $favorite // has used favorited this category
 if (QA_ALLOW_UNINDEXED_QUERIES || !$countslugs)
  $qa_content['navigation']['sub']=qa_qs_sub_navigation($sort, $categoryslugs);

 return $qa_content;

 Omit PHP closing tag to help avoid accidental output

<!-- RSPEAK_STOP -->

Q2A version: latest version

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You should use an advanced theme for this.