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I want to put a particular user avatar in my answer while knowing the user "avatarblobid".

I know the user avatarblobid is 767677499590254252

and I want this avatar to inserted in my answer or question.

I tried as

<img src="http://q2awebsite?qa=image&qa_blobid='767677499590254252' height="30" width="30">

But it doesn't display the avatar image.

Can anyone guide me.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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Use function qa_get_avatar_blob_html(...) from qa-app-format.php.

Sir, How can I use this function in the answer. I try as
but it is not showing the avatar in the answer.
I don't know how you're using it but that function returns HTML that you need to then output onto the page, within the theme.
I want to put the user avatar inside the answer of a question.