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plugin or core option?

As a userpoint reward system can be abused (double registration, voting for oneself) I would like to better control which users can vote.

So my idea: Let only users vote who have reached a certain score. Similar to the option in >Spam >Use moderation for users with few points: ...

I think stackoverflow is doing it as well.

Anyone with me? ... PS: I would like to develop such a plugin but have no idea how to start with that.

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Unless I am misunderstanding the question, you can do this now. Check the options under Admin > Permissions:

Voting on questions
Voting on answers
Voting posts down

Set them to "Registered users with enough points". I did this on my site to prevent that exact problem. To upvote you need 40 points, the equivalent of receiving 2 upvotes in my points system. It's not infallible, but it definitely helps. You can set it higher of course so they need 5 or 10 or more upvotes.

Thanks Scott for your reply. I do not have these options, the only one for voting is: "Voting posts down:"

I am running v1.5.1, is that a new feature of v1.5.2?
According to http://question2answer.org/versions.php it started in the 1.5 beta. So you should have it.
Why not upgrade to 1.5.2? You can just copy the files and upload, there is no reindexing and database changes to do like with a major upgrade.
stupid me, i translated the voting items and thus could not find them, i should get some sleep...

thanks a lot Scott!"
Is it possible to modify the 40 points threshold?
@Eliade, yes all the points are customisable.