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hello, every one. I used to install q2a on my pc with xammp, and everything was ok. But when I install it on the server whitch has been running a php+mysql+apache website, I  got a problem.

When I answer a question or vote one, the browser will popup an alert "unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off javascript". Ask a question is ok.

I have searched for answers of the same problem, but no one works.

by the way, I don't get where is this alert comming from. I even delete the qa_ajax_error() function in


but  this alert still appear.

Is this problem related with the previous website ? How can I solve this?
Q2A version: latest version
Please post a link so I can take a look.
Sorry, the server I installed q2a on is in an intranet. What information can I offer you ?
I already run a website on the server, is there any relation?
Tables of this 2 sites are in the same database names 'test' which is one of the default databeses of MySQL.
If I want to reinstall the q2a, am I only delete the tables and files of q2a and repeat the install method you offered on the site.
Yes, that's right.
In Google Chrome you can open the developer tools and go to the Network tab. Do the action (e.g. vote) and you should see an entry added to the list there. If you click it, it will tell you information about what happened. Maybe the URL couldn't be found or something.

Edit: for example when posting this comment, the Response tab said:
[then a bunch of HTML here]
Hi! I did as you said. When I click the 'Add answer' button, the error showed again. You can look at the screenshot at http://img170.poco.cn/mypoco/myphoto/20120619/19/5583049120120619192055025.jpg
It seems like your other website may be intercepting the Q2A requests, but I really can't be sure without trying it myself from here.
Hi, I uninstalled the apache and use xampp, then everything goes ok! thank you all! But I still don't know the why. Maybe the config of apache.
I have been facing the same error notification. I have installed Q2A site along with WordPress. When I have disabled the Wordfence Firewall protection. Then error too disappeared. However, it may harmful to disable Wordfence firewall. So currently searching another viable option.

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No sweat posting questions but I can hardly answer any. The alert keeps popping up.  I have tried some of the suggestion proferred here but its either I don't get it, or they are simply not working for me. I need help!
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The alert keeps popping up.  I have tried some of the suggestion proferred here but its either I don't get it, or they are simply not working for me. I need help!

Did you check with different browser? Is it any browser specific issue? Or try to check by disabling plugin if you are using. Also check this answers give by Gideon..