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thank You for that great plugin, users do like it a lot.

But there do remain 2 questions:

a) Performance, what time frame do you recommend 30 days, 90 days a year..

b) It would be excellent to have the questions / answers / comments content displayed as well. How would one go to achieve that.

Point is, that the plugin allows very fast reviewing newest activities, but to see what it is about, one would have to click always the title and so leave the page.

Example: If one has to review lets say last 25 new entries, he would have to go in and out 25 times to see each time the content.

Thank You for any hint


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Thanks for the feedback.


a) I use 30 days; I don't think performance is much of an issue, since most visitors won't activate the script.

b) I probably won't implement such a function... normally I would open links in a new tab, so wouldn't have much problem.
Thank You Noah,

I have implemented it now with 30 days as well. It is really great. However i would be still happy to know if there is a possibility to have a mouseover effect. I can try it myself but some hint into the right direction would be very helpful.

Thank You anyway
the mouseover plugin would be a good place to start... the qa-history-layer.php file has all the display functions.  the section starting at line 292 relates to answers and comments, and line 322 starts the section on questions.  You'd just have to make another database call and add to the $link variable.