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- Comments on user profiles,
(Any registered user can write a comment for another user, the owner of the profile may delete comments)
- Shoutbox,
(Registered users can talk and communicate without the need to ask a new question)
- Avatars
(After registration you can upload your own avatar, avatars are displayed for each question and answer, and the profile, the avatar can change at any time)
- Categories
(A category, it is very necessary to maintain order)
- Removal questions
(An administrator must be able to remove questions! You can also remove the questions but he deducted 10 points)
- Polls Polls,
(Polls - the opportunity to ask questions, with answers only yes and no. Surveys - asking questions, multiple choice, others just choose a ready answer)
- Network of friends - (you can invite another user as a friend, after accepting the invitation can write a Private Message)

Unfortunately I can not PERFEKT ENGLISH (explained BY GOOGLE TRANSLATOR) in the event of trouble understanding, please write email - inter35@op.pl

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Categories will be in the next version.
Avatars are on the road map.
Questions can be removed.

As for polls and Shoutbox i think it takes away from the idea of a knowledge database.
I agree. Don't do the polls or shoutbox. This isn't a blog. An avatar is pretty simple, just use gravatar's system, and you're all set.
Would it be hard to get authors email to show on the front page? Because if you can get that, it would be easy to insert gravatars icons.