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I am unable to change my site theme but the I can chage the mobile them. The moderator can also change the user theme.

When I change the site theme and save, it automatically comes back to the Default theme.
Q2A version: 1.5.2
What is the theme that you are trying to select?
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I have check all the theme availabe at question2answer website. I have try the default install candy theme also it does not work for the site theme. But the same theme can be use for mobile theme and moderator user theme - it is only not usable at the site theme.
I've the same problem.
After installing a new theme and to have selected if i go to select an other theme it do not change never and stay on my last choice.
i've last ver o Q&A and theme installed was the candy default and now i use a dedicated theme that i've bought.
In the past days i change theme when i want but in a moment this operation is no more possible :-(

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I am giving the answer of the own question because @barretta has also got the same problem.

It was unable to change the site theme from General tab of Admin because I have install the Theme Switcher Plugin. So In the Theme Switcher Plugin option there is a option to select the default theme, Change the theme which you like.


It works for me.