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There is  a way to block the vote of a question on the home page?

I do not want that some users goes to vote to all questions qithout reading or at least opening the question.

Now is possible to vote all without problem

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Yes, go to admin menu/viewing, check the fifth option "allow voting on questions", after that check the following option which appears "allow voting on question page only."
Really thanks for support.
Sorry that is not possible to have this effect.
Is strange that no one has thought to this.
Thank you newly for all
No problem, and it is possible to have that effect, but I dont know how to manipulate the click behaviour. I as well need that, because I want not registered users when clicking on voting , redirect directly to the register page instead of showing a error message.

If You have more questions just ask.
Thank you i hope to receive the solution about my question.
Now for the users is impossible to know if they have yet voted or not without opening the question because the vote icons are not active.
When a user vote there are not two icons but only one ant it can be enough to see if he has voted but a lot of users asking to see the question on bold or to can have a list of questions not voted and so not read.
I do not know if is more simple to have bold font on question not voted or to have a list but if there were one of two solutions i'd be happy