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hi i am working on a new theme for 1.5, and I have a problem with ajax of the vote, and I have two different styles to the vote, one for votes on the questions and another for votes in the answers, it appears that when you vote in the ajax answers changes the style of the buttons for the questions.

I would like to disable the ajax of votes, or create a second ajax for the votes of the answers, as I can do this

for example        

qa-ajax-vote.php response

echo "QA_AJAX_RESPONSE\n1\n";

i need something like

qa-ajax-vote-answers.php with

        echo "QA_AJAX_RESPONSE\n1\n";


any ideas? thanks

3 screen of the problem, 1. the two votes styles in normal state, vote style for question, and vote style for answer, 2. the error, 3. as it should be

1- script with the 2 vote styles in normal state

2.  image of the error, when voting on the answers the design changes, and puts the desing of vote of the questions

3. this is how it should be when voted onanswers

Q2A version: 1.5

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Your voting_inner_html() function can see whether the post is a question or an answer, and behave as appropriate. If you print_r($fields); in it you will see all the information that is available to you.