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Tag Manager - Tags are crucial for site organization, seo, and for improving user experience.

First-time users need to be able to intuitively find content that is relevant to them. The Tags Page is a start, but isn't very useful for a site with a lot of tags.

I believe the following will all add either improved usability or search engine placement.


1 - Option to limit tags to a list of pre-approved tags.

2 - Any tag not pre-approved is optionally disallowed or goes to moderation

3 - Global edit, delete, search, replace. (e.g. editing a tag changes it in all questions)

4 - Merge tags. (e.g. change 'widget5' to 'widget_5')

5 - Tags page should have a filter just like the tags field on the Ask Question form. This could eventually be replaced by an Advanced Search page.

6 - Admins should be able to remove a tag from a question from either the q-list or q-view without having to edit it. Maybe put an 'x' in the tag span.

7 - Option to wrap tags and add hash symbol in question body. (for styling)

8 - Add tag from answer or comment, as the answer could easily use a tag not in the question. (see #9)

9 - Hash (#) in Q, A, or C)automatically adds tag.

Q2A version: 1.5

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My Tagging Tools plugin can do some of these. I like the moderation and quick delete ideas, I may add those to the plugin.

@DG I was not aware of that plugin. I will check it out now.
+1 for quick delete (and if possible: quick-edit tags for admins). Ajax?

On the other hand, it is one click to edit the entire question. For now, for me that's okay.