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This really is great, the category system works brilliantly.

However the menu needs tweaking.
I suggest :

Based off the Menu a nested category menu be deployed.

These could auto propogate upon category creation.
[This is a question about a non-public release.]

Can you clarify what you mean in a bit more detail?
Hi Gid, yes.

When a new category is created, you can append this to a Top Menu Tab.
Top Menu Tab, called Category ( example )
Its child links are the categorys.

Similar to this mock up I have just made.


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Understood. I don't think that will make it into this release, but I'll consider it in future. In the meantime this could also be done through an advanced theme - both the top tabs and categories are output by navigation().
I think thats where we have got confused in reading stuff on here.
A theme to me, is a proprietary set of templates that form a overall theme which when styled with css gives you representative website look etc.

Do you mean , and when I have read other Q&A by theme, an "include" of sorts?
similar to dynamic inc: such as :$footer etc ?

Will have a nosey round, am presuming then all we would need to do, is create our own "menu" and remove the call function for existing nav ?
Question2Answer uses an object-oriented theme system which makes it easy to override small parts of the HTML output, while maintaining compatibility with future versions. Please see here: http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme-advanced