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I installed badges plugin and copy qa-lang-badges.php file in qa-lang/it but the application not match the variables translated, if I run /qa-include/qa-check-lang.php

the check say that all vars of this file "defined but not in US English files"

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That file is obsolete... it's the qa-badge-lang-default.php that you need.  It's not clear whether you should add files to the qa-lang dir, or just to the plugin dir iteself.  It looks like the latter, which means just create a file like qa-badge-lang-fr.php for French.

I added the qa-badge-lang-it.php in badge  plugin directory and in /qa-lang/it but not work
I see that strings are loaded in options table, I think that delete all fields and re active the plugin
I solved, I removed the plugin and deleted all field and tables of plugin, I re uploaded the files and create a copy of qa-badge-lang-default.php for my language and re active plugin, now it work