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I am designing a custom page with a form to collect some information.

It is possible to populate the form with the logged in Username & Email.

Thanks in advance
Q2A version: 1.5

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See this page for a list of relevant functions that can help you - look for the qa-app-users.php section.

Thanks. Just one more thing. I am adding the form in a custom page, so its limited to HTML & JS only. I don't think its possible to use PHP in custom page. Is there any work around for this.

Basically I am creating a form to collect certain information from the visitor. The form is processed using a custom developed PHP code.
You can use PHP in a custom page if you do it via a plugin with a page module. It's not possible via the admin panel.
Can you please give me a small example of how I can create a plugin to build a custom page and then use PHP form code.