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I still can't figure out how to embed a new page (using the plugin Related Sites) into the existing theme. I just get the content in a completely white background; a static HTML page. 

Here is what I've done:

  • created a directory named qa-plugin/related-sites
  • copied qa-plugin.php and revised its content
  • created a page named qa-related-sites.php and added some content

In qa-plugin.php I'm using the following line:

  • qa_register_plugin_module('page', 'qa-related-sites.php', 'qa_related_sites', 'Related Sites');

I'm using v1.5 of Q2A.

Please help and share some pointers. There seems to be no doc available on this topic.

Q2A version: 1.5

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Are you planing to use dynamic content on the page or just HTML?
If is just HTML then you don't need to do all that.
Just go to:
Admin >> Pages >> Add Page 
Then just paste the your HTML in the content field.