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There is no date in the qa_uservotes table, so I'm guessing the answer is no?

I think it would be really useful, because then we can track voting patterns. I suppose it would be possible to make a plugin, but it seems like a lot of overhead to loag a date to another table, with a separate query, every time someone votes.
excuse me if i abuse of the question but you are the experts and i've never received answer..
I'd add this text question to the question title : " and to know WHO vote or flag ? "
I'd hope that it is possible in some way
@barretta it's not too difficult to find out who voted or flagged a post, the userid is stored in the qa_uservotes table.
Thank you for answer.
This way is not seen by all users and i'd need that is visible to all who vote or flag not only in datbase table that can see only me.

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The event log plugin keeps track of all events, that's what the history plugin uses.