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When I am using the system I click the 'FAQ' link from within ip.Board and I jump over the Q2A no worries. Then while working away suddenly I will be told that I need to login.

My ip.Board session is still running so it would appear that Q2A is deciding to do a time out or something similar.


Is there a way I can stop this?


Q2A version: 1.5

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Not sure but perhaps have a look at cookie expiration dates in your browser?
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Don't think so the session is still running ok in the forum tab. The cookie I use is session based and should remain available until I close the browser. The error it throws is 'Question2Answer fatal error: User login is handled by external code'

Further it seems to be if the editor is open for 'too' long writing something, rte mode.
Where are you seeing this error? Can you provide a step-by-step to enable me to reproduce the problem?
Think I have found it, the session data is getting lost for some reason. Going to try and use the 'remember' information. Problem is that it can't be relied on as it is optional.

Will have to try the right way, if that fails try the remember if that fails then they need to visit the forum then back to Q2A, could I make a suggestion you have the same error description in all of the files, it would help if which file is emitting the error was discernible.
Updated to use 'remember me' and it works!