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I use a single DB for two Q&A sites :

  • qa1.mysite.com
  • qa2.mysite.com

I tried (as explained in qa_config.php) sharing same users with prefixing :

  • user tables with  : qausers_
  • tables for qa1.mysite.com with qa1_ 
  • tables for qa2.mysite.com with qa2_ 

I created qa1.mysite.com before qa2.mysite.com

When i create qa2.mysite.com, i expected seeing all users already created from qa1.mysite.com.
However, the page qa2.mysite.com/users gives only superadmin and admins users, not regular users.

What did i miss  ?


Q2A version: 1.5

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The users page on each Q2A site only shows active users for that site, not all users who are registered in the system. So you need those shared users to do something on qa2.mysite.com such as vote or post.