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A post receiving a certain number of flags get automatically hidden. But I don't see a similar option for closing questions in 1.5. I was expecting a similar system.

Am I missing an option somewhere?
Q2A version: 1.5

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I'm afraid this isn't how closing currently works - it's a binary operation performed either by the person asking the question, or someone with the appropriate privilieges (as set in the admin panel). Perhaps a good idea for a plugin, that hides the standard close link, and replaces it with something with different functionality?
My concern is that with flagging AND closing, everything's got a bit complex. I'll have a think about the best way to merge it into one function, and maybe make a plugin like you suggest :)
Closing is a bit different... a question can be closed as off-topic, duplicate, etc. but not otherwise improper... Stack Exchange uses the same system, I think.
Yes, SO has flagging for notifying the moderators about a post (usually spam), and closing for off-topic or duplicates.

I was thinking of just keeping the "flag" button as it is now, but allow possible reasons*. If a question gets N flags it could get closed or hidden, depending on the reason (e.g. spam would get hidden, off-topic would be closed, duplicates would be redirected).

*BTW, is it possible to customize a list of reasons for closing?
Not currently possible to customize a list of reasons - it's either due to duplication, or a free text form. But this could probably be added by a plugin that modifies the form.