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func_get_args(): Can't be used as a function parameter in /home/******/public_html/QandA/qa-include/qa-app-options.php on line 670



i get this error when i click on permissions tab.





I get the same error when I use FAQ plugin


this is line 670
Q2A version: 1.5 beta 2
it happened when I updated to 1.5 beta 2 from 1.4.3 version that was previously installed on my website.
looking for an answer.
still looking for an answer.

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Please try making the code replacement suggested here:


Let me know if that works!
I uploaded again question2answer 1.5 beta 2 to my web server and uploaded all the plugins.
It was the wiki plugin. When I removed the wiki plugin from qa-plugin , the problem got resolved.

What hapened and why it happened , I still don't have any clue but I deleted every plugin that I had uploaded and it was the wiki plugin which when deleted, restored the problem faced by me.
Now I don't have problem in faq plugin too.

Yeah, it seems like it's a problem with the wiki plugin override of that function... maybe it's because the function qa_get_permit_options() takes no arguments?

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