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(Sorry I'm kind of spamming Q2A tonight with all my questions, heh.)

I'm confused on how some of the permissions work. Under Admin > Permissions I have "Editing any question" and "Editing any answer" set to "Registered & email confirmed & enough points", with 10000 set as the points.

However, any user that is set to "Expert" also gains editing powers (for questions and answers), even without the required points. So where are the Experts permissions defined?
Q2A version: 1.4

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This is by design - for any permission criterion which regular users can reach by doing the right things (e.g. confirming email or gaining points), experts and other special users get the permission automatically. I think this makes sense because special users are assigned manually by the admin, so presumably they are at least as trustworthy as regular users who have done any particular thing. But perhaps this doesn't make sense in your case - it should not be difficult to fix with a plugin that overrides the qa_permit_error(...) function in Q2A 1.5.

After I posted my question, I guessed this might be the case. You're right it does make more sense to do it like that, I just got confused where the permissions came from.