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the number of answers in my site is greater than the number of questions although I answer one answer per each question

How can I know where is the problem

I entered this url 


to see if there is 2 anwers in one questions but there is no

Q2A version: latest
1. How are you counting the questions and how are you counting the answers?
2. Do you have access to the database to run some queries?
3. Have you inserted posts to the database directly?
1- from statistics in admin
2- yes
3- yes after my site been hacked
Please, tell me the results of running these queries:

SELECT * FROM qa_options
WHERE title IN ('cache_qcount', 'cache_acount', 'cache_ccount');

SELECT `type`, COUNT(*) FROM qa_posts
GROUP BY `type`;

SELECT qa_posts.type, COUNT(*) FROM qa_posts
LEFT JOIN qa_posts AS parent ON qa_posts.parentid = parent.postid
LEFT JOIN qa_posts AS grandparent ON parent.parentid = grandparent.postid
WHERE qa_posts.type = "Q" OR
(qa_posts.type = "A" AND parent.type <=> "Q") OR
(qa_posts.type = "C" AND parent.type <=> "Q") OR
(qa_posts.type = "C" AND parent.type <=> "A" AND grandparent.type <=> "Q")
GROUP BY qa_posts.type;

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