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Is it possible that anonymous user could write their name? (without registration)
Q2A version: 1.4.3
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Will be very glad to see this feature too!
I don't think this feature would be usefull. If you want name in site - you register.
No, "asked by anonymous" is nonsense. How can you refer to poster in such case? "Hey, anonymous, did you set up CSS path correctly?" On stackoverflow unregistered posters actually *had to* write their names (however now you must register on stackoverflow to post).
Personally, I think letting anonymous users post is a bad idea, but to each their own... this is an easy plugin to make for someone who wants it badly enough.
I'd also like to have identification without full registration. I think that should be a core option.

Seems there are three distinct cases:

1. Anonymous.

2. Requiring voluntary identification (typically, name and email address)

3. Requiring registration (verification via email or third-party login).

Wikipedia is a large-scale example of how 1 and 2 can even work together. But, as that site points out, the user IP# is recorded regardless, so there isn't any real anonymity.

Depending on the situation -- the type of site and the site operator -- requiring no ID or voluntary ID means it's easier for the visitor to participate AND it is less invasive, privacy-wise. Imagine being asked for photo ID before able to ask questions in a store, or chat with a stranger in the street. :)

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If and when the postmeta table makes it into the core, you could just include a field in the ask form and then catch it with an event module, store it in the post meta info for that post.  Then, when it comes time to display the post, show that name if available.
Good workaround. However I'd love to see this feature in core.
it's not really a "workaround", since there is no problem to be workarounded... what you want is a feature added, and the easiest solution is to add it using the spiffy Q2A plugin api :)