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I want to create dictionary (word meaning) website with q2a. Is it possible?

If not, then how to create this type of website?

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Q2A is a web application for building Q&A websites (people can ask questions, other people can answer those questions), not for building dictionary lookup websites (people can enter a word/phrase and have the translation or definition returned to them).

As for how to build the latter: https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=dictionary+web-application
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It’s certainly possible, depending on exactly how you want to structure it. If you are writing everything yourself you can turn off registration and allow only admin to ask/answer/comment.

If you want it to be user-generated (like Urban Dictionary for example) then a standard Q2A setup might work. Someone makes a question which is the word itself, then others (or the same person) post answers which give a definition for the word. And other users can upvote their favourites.