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I should have been able to use it before..

My environment is


Q2A current version: 1.8.6

Database version for Q2A: 67

PHP version: 7.4.33

MySQL version: 5.7.27

Site language: Japanese

Site theme: Snow v1.3

WYSIWYG Editor v1.1.1

Wrapper for CKEditor WYSIWYG rich text editor

☑️ Allow images to be uploaded

☑️ Allow other content to be uploaded, e.g. Flash, PDF

Maximum size of uploads: 5.0MB

Default Editor [Answer]: WYSIWYG Editor


No matter what OS/browser I try, WYSIWYG Editor is not displayed.

Please help me.
Me to the it is not appear on the script

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I fixzd it from hosting permission files  search you will find some files needs 755 permission so it will work