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Login / Register With mobile

Passwordless login for Question2Answer

OTP / One Time Passcode acts as a password which is uniquely generated every time a user tries to login or signup and it is sent on his/her mobile number. It’s a pretty secure system nowadays as the passcode is generated every time and since it doesn’t require the user to remember their password it makes all of this easy at the same time and increases user conversion.

But with Phonic This Changes

As mobile being the only thing human spend the most time with, we take WordPress SignUp and Login to the next level. Now user can create an account by just providing his/her mobile number and Login using OTP (One Time Password) Passcode. No passwords compulsory.

Login, Register, Reset Password only with OTP

The first and most important feature of Phonic plugin is the possibility of login, registration, password recovery with confirmation code. In today's world, mobile phones are always available to people. As a result, getting phone numbers from users will make it much easier for you and your site users. If we are going to remember the password to enter every site, we will face a problem. If the sites use the default mode, the number of loyal site users will definitely decrease. But with the Phonic plugin, users will no longer face the problem of forgetting their password, and the number of users on your site will increase. With this plugin, there is no need to receive emails from users anymore. As we said, only registering the user's mobile phone number will be enough.


Sign-Up With Phone Number

Let your users sign up using mobile number and increase your sign-up conversion rate. Relieve your user from the pain of opening email account – verifying his/her email address and then having access to the account.

Emaill-Less Login

Let your user login via mobile number. Forget those traditional emails used to create account.

Email Filter

With the increase of disposable, temporary or burner emails it’s becoming difficult to maintain a user base with genuine users. Email filter for Digits takes care of that, with our extensive list of Disposable email websites and domains you can detected whenever a user tries to signup using disposable email and block that signup, this is very useful when you want to prevent spam registrations and want your users to enter a genuine email address. You can even block signups from particular domain emails.

Blocking disposable and Fake Emails

In addition to providing login and registration with mobile number, Phonic plugin also allows you to activate email registration on your website. The disadvantage of email registration is the possibility of using fake and disposable emails that allow bots to register on your website. In the Phonic plugin, we have provided an advanced system to identify and prevent registration with fake and one-time emails, by activating it, no robot or user can register on your website with fake and fake emails.

Full Compatibility with Old Users

You may be wondering what happens to the old users of the site after installing and activating the Phonic plugin. In the explanation of our service, we would like to say that all old users can enter the site easily and without problems with username/password or email/password and there is no problem to enter.

International OTP SMS Support

With our free gateways sending SMS to International counties is also totally free. So you can use it for your customers globally.

Forced Login Page Lock

By using the Forced Login Page Lock, you can lock the whole website, single question page, etc. in a few seconds with just one click. Even with this system, you can lock the entire website so that only logged in users can view its content. With this method, you can dramatically increase your website registrations and have a huge database of mobile numbers needed for advertising SMS. This system is very useful for VIP websites. This system intelligently identifies search engine crawlers and provides page content for search engine crawlers so that your site's SEO will not suffer.

  • Lock the entire site
  • Lock Ask Question Page
  • Lock User Wall Page
  • Lock Categories Page
  • Lock Tags Page
  • Lock Users Page
  • Lock Hot Page


  • Login/Signup/Reset Password with Phone Number(OTP)
  • Login/Signup/Reset Password with Email
  • Forced Login Page Lock
  • Forced Verify Phone Number - Using this system, you can force the old users of your site who do not have a mobile number to confirm and register their mobile number.
  • Modal sign-up and login form
  • Block Spam Registration
  • Block signup with disposable/temporary email address
  • Block signup from particular domain emails
  • Allow signup from particular domain emails
  • Whitelist/Blacklist countries
  • Default country code
  • Support for Persian and Arabic numbers in forms
  • Free and Paid SMS Gateways
  • Login, Register, Logout Redirect
  • Option to add Google ReCaptcha
  • Option to Disable Signup
  • Option to Disable Signup By Phone Number
  • Option to Disable Signup By Email Address
  • Option to Authenticate Email with SMTP Service
  • Option to Select Default User Role
  • White label Custom sign-up and login page
  • No Coding/Technical Knowledge Required
  • Professional User Management Panel (Change Phone Number, Change Password ,…)
  • International OTP SMS Support
  • Automatic checking of the OTP
  • Test API Settings
  • Super Fast Admin Panel
  • Extremely High Security
  • Free SMS Gateway Integration

SMS Gateways

So far, more than 40 SMS gateways have been compatible with this powerful plugin, and each version is increasing. To use the SMS functionality of the plugin, you must have one of the following gateways. If you have a gateway that is not in the list below, please inform us through a support ticket or email after checking and if the SMS gateway meets the necessary conditions, we will add the desired gateway as soon as possible and for “FREE”.

  • Twilio
  • Plivo
  • TeleSign
  • TextLocal
  • Unifonic
  • AdpDigital
  • AgileTelecom
  • Aruba
  • Bandwith
  • BulkSms
  • BulkSmsNigeria
  • CallFire
  • Camoo
  • Cdyne
  • ClickSend
  • CmDotCom
  • Comilio
  • Commzgate
  • Cpsmsdk
  • D7Networks
  • DigiMiles
  • EasySendSms
  • EngageSpark
  • Esendex
  • ExpertTexting
  • InfoBip
  • IPPanel
  • ISMS
  • ISmsIndonesia
  • JazzCMT
  • Jusibe
  • Kaleyra
  • KAPSystem
  • Karix
  • Mensatek
  • MessageMedia
  • Messente
  • MNotify

Don’t see your preferred gateway in this list. Mail us at bleezlabs@gmail.com for requesting its integration.

To see the description and get to know more about the plugin's features, refer to the link bleezlabs.com/product/phonic

 To buy this Plugin, refer to Bleezlabs

Q2A version: 1.8

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Updated to 2.1

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Updated to 2.2

  • Fixed some gateways errors

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  To buy this Plugin, refer to Bleezlabs

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