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Thank you for awesome system.
I'm translating into Japanese. There is one request.
I want to gather CSS of vote-block(blue) and answer-block(orange).
Because: When translate "answer" into Japanese short string(回答), that short string(回答) is displayed without a letter being turned down.

1. vote-block

<span class="qa-netvote-count">
  <span class="qa-netvote-count-data">0</span>
  <span class="qa-netvote-count-pad">vote</span>

.qa-netvote-count-data  {

2. answer-block

<span class="qa-a-count">
  <span class="qa-a-count-data">3</span>
  <span class="qa-a-count-pad">answer</span>

.qa-a-count-data {
  display:block;  <<<<<<===== Please add !!

Thanks in advance.
Looks OK, but I'll need to check this out in more detail across all browser platforms - should have an answer in a few days.
Thank you gidgreen. ^^
If translation is over, I submit it. Now, 30% are finished.

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I've looked into it, and that CSS change seems not to be a problem for English content in any browser. So once the Japanese translation is available online, I'll make a new version of Q2A available with the CSS change.

BTW, it would be great if you could also check how your Japanese translation looks with the Candy theme, and if there are any problems there. Thanks!
Thank you gidgreen.
Now, about 60% are finished. If translation is over, please confirm it.
And, I will test the Candy theme too. Please wait slightly. ^^
I tested even Candy theme. Title and value are inline at Candy theme's CSS. I tried to deal by devising translation string of "x_answers", but influence Candy Theme... ToT   If possible, i hope to consider fix in Default theme's CSS at next release with compatibility of major browsers.
Thanks in advance.
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I made temporary theme(Default_ja) to add 1-line to Default theme for Japanese user.

folder: qa-theme/Default_ja

file: qa-styles.css
--- SOF ---
@import url("../Default/qa-styles.css");  
/* Here is comments same as Candy theme. */
/* Answer count */
.qa-a-count-data {display:block;} /* changes is only this. */
--- EOF ---

Thanks for flexible system.