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Is there an update from Google targeting sites q2a

As I noticed a big drop in visitors and noticed the disappearance of my site when searching for its name, this happened hours ago

Many websites use the script
Q2A version: last
How do you test your site has "disappeared" from google?
When I searched with the name of my website there is no result. Also, the traffic is almost zero.
I have received a message from Google to clarify this
It appears to be a manual procedure
Same thing happening with me as well, many links are disappeared from indexing and new content is also not indexing.
any known issue with google or any update from google

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I have two sites disappeared recently. I also noticed the big disappearance for many sites. What's the problem!!!
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Updated: I have changed QnA site from subfolder to subdomain. Now only subdomain homepage indexed. Rest of them moved to "Crawled but not indexed" and "Discovered not indexed" section in Search Console. Website: https://crypto.answercoins.com/

Bing search indexed correctly.

Old answer:

I don't think it's because of Q2A. Although this happened with one of my Q2A site on 21st October spam update.

Reason could be 

  • AI written content
  • Heavy Grammar mistakes
  • Fake backlinks 
  • Thin content (less information) 
  • Website Authority 
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Got same problem,

My site is clean, no external duplicate content, good grammar, unique content.

He is in french.

Problem could be because of internal duplicate content from different urls (/hot* /questions*, etc).

I removed all that URLs frrom Google Console and now i wait...
Let us know if it works for you.
can you tell me please what happen with you from google