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A link appears at the top of the header of the site and below the tags, as shown in the pictures:

A link appears at the top of the headerA link appears at the top of the header.

The problem of links appearing under the tagsThe problem of links appearing under the tags.

Please help me solve the problem

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Those are Error outputs.
You can see which line, and function of the PHP file is causing that error to be outputted.

These can be generating for a number of reasons.

  • Outdated plugins that were not updated to keep up with the latest versions of Q2A. Hence why the "this function is deprecated".
  • If you're using the Q2A DEV version instead of the latest one released 1.8.6 , it's most likely some plugins may malfunction because most of the DEV structure was rearranged, thus meaning the plugins are not yet updated and are pointing to dead ends of the Dev version.
  • Outdated theme changes for the same reasons above.
  • And so on...

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Downgrade your php version to 7.4 i think you are using higher version of php
How can I reduce it to 7.4 ، Are there steps to explain this?
Please Help
I don't think you need to do that. Warnings being generated is one thing (mostly you can ignore as long as it's not serious) but warnings being shown on a webpage is another thing. You need to solve the second part. Try removing plugins to see if that helps.
From cpanel you can search for multi php manager