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I want to change title of question and answer pages but i don't know where can i do it. For example i want to add a fixed sentence to the end of title of question pages. Can someone please help me? Now at the end of title of question pages, the title of main website is displaying. I want to add something else to it too. How can i do it? I found some similar questions in this community but they couldn't help me so i opened this question.

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You need a custom theme - http://question2answer.org/themes.php (I think I need this URL permanently on my clipboard). The function you'd need to override is head_title()
Can you please tell me which file should be edited?
Have you followed the instructions for an advanced theme, in the link I posted? Where did you get to?
you can also just set "@$this->content['title'] to whatever you want, somewhere in like doctype() or html() - that will affect both the <head><title> tag, and the <h2> in-page title.