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I Solved It. I had to delete all of the folders and the database and after setting up a new database and reuploading all the files, it just worked.


This is what I get after I created a database and uploaded all of the files:

Database query error 1146

Table 'debtcons_questions.qa_options' doesn't exist

(SELECT '_options' AS selectkey, title, BINARY content AS content FROM qa_options) UNION ALL (SELECT '_time', NULL, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()))


I already installed it on another domain with the same steps without any problems. I tried going to index.php?qa=install manually and I still get the above error.  

You can see my site here: http://debtconsolidation-loans.info

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Your database might got messed up.

Try changing the table prefix to some _qa2 (in qa-config.php file) and tell what happens.
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Thank you.

I did what you suggested and I still get the same exact error. I even deleted the database and created a new one. When I go into phpMyadmin to check the database, there are no tables created. It's like the install hasn't even started.