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Here's another mobile theme, maybe a little more aesthetically pleasing than the last, based largely on the nice, thumb-friendly Google+ layout:


Feedback is welcome.  Here's a screenshot:

More clean and beutifull theme thanks !

Maybe not revelant but in theme swither if in mobile phone and using mobile theme and i'm logged in in to my account, then when i'm logging in in same account in computer i'm browsing in mobile theme. I think theme wich user had set should be saved in cookies for axample but not in user table. Hope you understand, thanks :)
that's funny... it should only do that if you select the mobile theme manually.  try resetting your user theme preference to defaults (via the user profile page)... or do you only have the mobile theme preference set?  I'll look and see what might be happening.
Okay, I think I get what you're saying... when you click on the "Mobile Site" link, it sets mobile as your theme... that's no good, because then your PC will have that theme too.  I think I've fixed that now, should work as expected.
Theme is nice!
I have problem displaying Ask Box on homepage where it goes out of mobile screen. How to fix it?
Sorry for asking this question here. I thought you are the right person for answering this question

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I would like to embed this theme into my wordpress website. There is a description how to do that on a normal theme: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/9773/wordpress-theme-integration?show=9830#a9830

But that seems to disable the responsive character.

Is there a way to embed your theme right into the website with the header and footer from wordpress, where i use the twentytwelve responsive theme?

Thanks in advance!