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I'm having the same problem, after I upload all of the files when I click to install nothing happens to the page, it just freezes, but this url loads in the address bar.


1) This is a clean server install. (No other files, no wordpress, nothing, just this)

2) There are no other htaccess files


Anyhelp is apprecaited.


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Same problem. I've noticed another response discusses a 404 error. When I remove the existing .htaccess file provided with the script, it yields this error. If I change it to blank, I get the error as well. Nothing I can do will go to the next install page. I it was a true 404 error, I wouldn't be able to install Wordpress on the same domain and server. If you want to look, here's my URL - http://m00.biz/6ZgXkq

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I just discovered that using Filezilla everything worked perfectly - make sure that you have secure file transfer protocol off for the upload as well if you're using another client. The first one did not work for me but Filezilla is confirmed to work, stock. Good luck.