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I would like a way to identify people from our company on the forum.  Our employees will be moderators and admins.

If there was a way to enable avatars only on certain levels (we don't want users to have avatars), we could use a corporate logo to identify them.  Otherwise, if we could assign a title arbitrarily instead of by points, we could do that.

Can this be handled via a plugin?

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You can do this in a custom theme. Override post_meta_who and add something like this:

if ($post['level'] == 'Administrator' || $post['level'] == 'Moderator')
    $this->output(' (Staff)');

Note, I'm not 100% sure what $post['level'] outputs. In the base function it says it's "the author's privilege level (as a string)".

The syntax in the file's comment is incorrect.  This code works:

if (isset($post['who']['level']) && ($post['who']['level'] == 'Super Administrator' || $post['who']['level'] == 'Administrator' || $post['who']['level'] == 'Moderator'))
    $this->output(" (Staff)");

It seems that post_meta_who() is only called in certain places, so it only affects those instances.  For right now, it is good enough.
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Sure, fairly easily.  You don't need a plugin, actually - if you are using wordpress integration, just make them a contributor or higher on your wordpress site.  If you are not using wordpress integration, you can edit the qa_users table in the database and change the level to 100.  If you know PHP, of course, you could do this with a plugin fairly easily.