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Maybe i asked the wrong question - where do i need to look to determine where the points are added/removed and how they are calculated in Q2A to be shown against questions if i want to customise it.

There would basically be three points admin totals for each action - one for the answerer,one for the questioner and one for the voter (voter can be anyone and doesnt have to be the questioner or answerer) as this would allow a much more flexible points system.


Action Questioner Answerer Voter
Vote Answer Up 0 +10 0
Vote Answer Down 0 -2 -1
Vote Question Up +5 0 0
Vote Question Down -2 0 0
Accept Answer +2 +15  

Obviously the intention of allowing a user to vote an answer down is if it really is a wrong answer but as the person took the time to answer a question, it shouldnt be too easy to remove their reputation hence why you would want to discourage down voting unless absolutely necessary by impacting the voters reputation as well.

Add whatever other actions should have a vote

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