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Just thinking about the question of what Q2A lacks in relation to older projects like Askbot... one is the FAQ, something I helped make editable when I was involved with that project.  So, here's a FAQ plugin for Q2A:



- add FAQ page via admin/pages
- edit FAQ sections via admin/plugins
- add FAQ sections via admin/plugins using jQuery
- add points-per-activity and priviliges-by-points tables using short-code
- show/hide FAQ sections on FAQ page using jQuery
- notify new users to checkout the FAQ on first visit
- all text and css customizable via admin/plugins

It includes a basic FAQ (stolen from Askbot itself), but it is fully customizable by sections.

It's new, so bug reports are appreciated, as always.

FAQ page screenshot:


Admin excerpt:


Notification bar:

UPDATE: fixed a bug that stops badge notifications from showing - if you have both plugins installed, you should rebuild the badge list before updating this, to avoid a stream of badge notifications.

I am gettiing this error after installation. It says
Fatal error: Call to undefined function qa_get_logged_in_user() in /home/a5728813/public_html/qa-plugin/NoahY-q2a-faq-f871e5c/qa-faq-page.php on line 117.

Here is the link.
Oops.  That function only exists in WP integration.  Thanks, I've changed it to check for the id instead.  Please update to the latest code.
Thanks for the quick fixed, now i am get this error on my first visit on opera browser

Notice: Undefined index: qa_faq_noshow in /home/a5728813/public_html/qa-include/qa-app-format.php(1265) : eval()'d code on line 20.

just visit the site with different browser
I am an oracle professional and would like to contribute to q2a community, but i am not a proffesional php developer. How do i go about developing a plugin since i know only the basics of php. what framework should i use?.
Actually it's a notice, not an error.  Such display should be turned off on production sites.

PHP is pretty easy; php.net is a good place to start, also tizag.com has some easy tutorials. Google around, it's a lot like Javascript if you've ever used that.

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I am gettting error whenever i visited first on my website

the image which i have uploaded above is not show full image which i hae uploaded.
As the text says, it's a notice, not an error.  The answer is to stop displaying log output on your site, which is a security vulnerability anyway.

I've removed that variable, so you can update the code, but do turn the display off on your production site.
got it!