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This plugin allows users to share their Q2A configuration with others. This is particularly useful when trying to identify issues with the Q2A core or plugins.

The general workflow of the plugin would be:

  1. A user who needs support installs the plugin and exports their Q2A configuration
    • Optionally, the user can open the exported file with a text editor and change any setting inside (in case private information has been exported)
  2. The user asks for support (e.g. asking a question here) and includes their Q2A configuration file by a simple attach process
  3. The person providing support can either open the text file to get more insight about the configuration or even import it to their own test environment

The plugin provides some simple filters such as removing values that are known to contain secrets, emails, URLs, etc. However, that doesn't mean the plugin will hide an email address or a site name included in the free text of the sidebar.

You can give it a try downloading it from the GitHub project page.

Q2A version: 1.8.0+
Thanks,  it looks great and also gives a lot information about website as summary.
Wow!! This is awesome!!  This will make it easy to
- Share good configurations
  - between different sites
  - test environment to dev environment
- replicate any bugs.
- backup!  Why not backup?  Thats the best part!
  - Backup config.  Try new config and/or plugin.  If anything fails, restore from backup.

A suggestion:
Before exporting, how about adding a note (text box) that takes a few lines of description.  This is also saved in the json.  If somebody is exporting at different times and/or different systems, it makes it easier if there is some notes about it.

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