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I am assuming this user error my part since NoahY's plugins are so well written.

I have them enabled to be displayed in the admin settings but they just don't seem to come out in the comments, answers or questions.

I can see the entry in the database so that side of things is working.

I have not been using Question2Answer long enough to be able to work through the php on my own.  Since there are no other questions about problems with this plugin on here and I can see that NoahY's other modules are brilliant - it must be my fault - I just can not seem to work out what I am doing wrong.

Any ideas?

Ps. Thanks to all the people who contribute to this amazing open source project.

Demo Site: www.pgmarshall.co.uk/~surveymy/

On User page:

ADMIN Settings:

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Looks like you've got an outdated version of the plugin... can you try upgrading to the latest revision and let me know how it works?
And entering html into the WYSIWYG editor is useless, it just encodes it all.  You have to either use the ordinary editor, or just make it look in the WYSIWYG editor how you want it to appear.
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I downloaded the code again from GitHub using the raw function to cut and paste the code in.

I previously used Download -> Download as Zip which must be linked to older files?

Anyway - thanks for your help NoahY - I knew it would be user error on my behalf.

Thanks again for your superb plugin which is exactly what I needed.
Could be... the best is to learn git... then you can just type git pull on your server to get the very latest code.

Thanks for the feedback :) glad it is of use.
Note to self: Google GitHub - it is about time ... I use SVN from Google Code all the time on an another open source project I work on! (oscmax.com).

I was thinking that it would be nice to combine your badges contibution with the signature strip ... Users could select one (or more) of their badges to show in their signature strip.

(I have tried to add an image to the signature strip using the WYSIWYG editor but it doesn't seem to like it.)

Thanks again for your help and the contributions.
You're welcome.  The wysiwyg editor is just nasty anyway... Markdown editor is much preferred, and allows to input html without problem.  In the markdown editor, putting this works:

<span class="badge-bronze" title="Bronze">Verified Human</span>

Sort of, anyway... probably need some more css to make it look right.