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I'm starting to build my Q&A website. It is not supposed to be a classic Q&A but its main purpose is to share files from audio mixing consoles.

So the upload function is crucial to post, and in fact, I have a problem with the CKEditor WYSIWYG which is the default one.

I made some customization of the code here and there but regarding the CKEditor I'm not able to make the changes I need.

Basically, I need a dedicated button to upload different file formats belonging to different console brands.

Can I substitute the CKEditor with another one through a plugin or should I customize it in some way?
Q2A version: 1.8.6

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I believe you're over-complicating the issue, as the feature is already built-in the WYSIWYG editor. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to admin/plugins

2. Browse the WYSIWYG Editor options and check both checkboxes:

Allow images to be uploaded

Allow other content to be uploaded, e.g. Flash, PDF

3. Save the settings

4. Navigate to the ask page

5. Input some text in the question content and select it

6. Click on the Link toolbar button

7. Use the Upload tab as you would with any image upload (sending it to the server) and save the link

Now you should be able to click on the link you've just created and that will fire a file download.

Thanks, I was insisting on the image button instead of the link button. I did not think it would have an upload file tab.
Thanks and I apologize for the silly question.