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Hello everyone,

I've gone along with Question2Answer for more than 5 years. But since then, I haven't contributed much to the community. Since my project needs to improve the search feature, I've been looking for an ElasticSearch plugin for Q2A and I found it from Vijay Sharma. But it is a bit out-dated and lacks instruction on how to install. 

So let me introduce the improved ElasticSearch plugin based on Vijay's work. 

Requirement: an ElasticSearch server (it could be self-hosted or on-premise), read more on the repo's README file.


  • According to our benchmark, we experienced an improvement in response time when searching from 35 seconds to 5 seconds (70% faster than default module). 
  • All features of the default search module of Q2A. 
  • Powered by ElasticSearch - a powerful, fast and scalable full-text search engine.

Github: https://github.com/selfomy/q2a-elasticsearch

Feel free to open a pull request or an issue that you are facing and we'll try to help. Selfomy is an educational company that has a product based on Q2A. Therefore, I'm working with Q2A code almost every day so you can expect this repo to be very active.

Q2A version: 1.8
Hi there,
Thanks for reporting error. I've updated the code to prevent the site and plugins from crashing again. You'll need to setup parameter correctly before enable the plugin and make elasticsearch as a search module.
How to use this plugin with AWS ElasticSearch. I tried connecting with endpoint but it was showing error.

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