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Let's say I have some fake or spam users, and I would like to change the password of those accounts to one single new password.

For simplicity, I'd like to change password of those whose userid > 100.

I know that I may need some MySQL queries like:

UPDATE qa_users SET password =???? WHERE userid > 100

But I don't know how to make those passwords hashed or encrypted.

What are the extra steps I need to do?

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You shouldn’t set all users to have the same password, nor should you as a site owner even know what your users’ passwords are. That’s insecure. But if you really want to...

The password in Q2A is set using the password_hash function in PHP. You can make a PHP script with password_hash('your password') and copy the resulting hash.

Also it should go into the ‘pass hash’ field, not the password field.