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Regarding to the tag,

I should just add a space or comma to separate tags in English but Japanese space and comma are diffirent from English ones so the tags will not be separated.

I want to make Japanese space and comma work like English ones. Does anybody know how to do it?

I added the tags 日本語, space and タグ on this question but It shows one tag, 日本語 タグ, instead of 日本語 tag and タグ tag

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. In qa-util-string.php, add the following elements to the big array titled $qa_utf8punctuation:

"\xE3\x80\x80" => ' ', // IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE
"\xE3\x80\x81" => ',', // IDEOGRAPHIC COMMA

I'll look into incorporating this into the next maintenance release.

It works. Thanks very much