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How can I shorten the links? Is there any plugin?
Q2A version: 1.8.5
Which links are you meaning?
If you mean your question links so it will be easier to share on social networks, yoursite.com/questionnumber is already short.
Yes; you're right. you mean for example "index.php?qa=471".
Thanks a lot!
mazraee, there's an option to rewrite your question url in your admin first tab.

I think you didn't use Rewrite option.

index.php?qa=471 is still long. It can be shortened further as just yoursite.com/qa/471 or yoursite.com/471 depending on how you host your Q2A site.

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If you want to short a link, for example this one: https://store.caviarlover.com/gifts-c64.aspx

You can go a website named "bitly", paste the link, and it will be reduced like this: https://bit.ly/3bBHUis

I hope this information helps you!