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Just wondering if it would be welcome to fork question2answer on github?  Then we would have a place to put fixes and let Gideon decide which to incorporate back into the source.

We could set up a developer group that had access to the code, not sure how that would work; ideally, it would be only for core fixes and upgrades, not custom modification.
Gideon did hint some time ago that he would take contributions once the core of Q2A is more stable and full featured. Definitely worth looking at after 1.5, if not now.

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I just discovered Q2A yesterday and went looking for its VCS hoping I could clone it down for merging when updates come as I've been modifying the source.

So you've got my vote.
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Wow, +4 votes in under 24 hours... that's gotta say something...

Well... it is licenced under the GPL, so as long as we follow the rules of that licence, there should really be no complaint against creating a VCS repository, as long as we follow the rules of the GPL - there's something about noting any changes we make, I'll have to look that up. 

Actually, truth be told, I've already set up a repository on github and made two small changes to to the code:


The two changes I made are as follows:

  • setting disabled vote buttons to "button"s rather than disabling them (see this post)
  • removed (empty($handle) ? '' : $handle.",\n\n"). from qa_send_notification() and added a ^salutation sub instead, allowing plugins to omit or change the salutation of an email as desired - this may be undesired, and I'm happy to revert if so.

What I'd really like to do is get a group of developers familiar enough with the code (and trustworthy enough) to give write permissions to... Scott, Scorch, Gideon... who else?