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Sorry if I missed it, but I cannot find anywhere (as admin) to add new users. What would be the best way to add 35 new users? I feel there should be an admin page to add/edit/delete users without relying on email.



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You can add new users via the register form. After creating the new user, log out, then create the next one. If you're an admin, you can edit users via their user page. I'm afraid it's not currently possible to delete users.
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If you can go one by one to add the users, then use this plugin: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/59233/new-free-plugin-create-new-user-admin
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Hi Al,

It is possible to delete a user if logged in as admin.

1. Click "Pages" link on your control panel.

A page titled "Administration Centre - Pages" will open

2. Click on "Users" tab and select the user you want to delete.

3. First "Block" user and then a "Delete" tab will load near "Block" tab

4. Click "Delete" tab to delete the user.

You can also remove all their previous post from you database.

Trust this will help you.