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How can I let users upload an image when asking a question, for example, a screenshot that highlights their problem?

There is a earlier question about this, but the link provided in that question is quite arcane and honestly something I don't understand (and judging from the comments there, also something other people don't understand).

I've looked at the qa-wysiwyg-editor.php file, and noticed there is the following code:

($uploadimages ? (", filebrowserImageUploadUrl:".qa_js(qa_path('wysiwyg-editor-upload', array('qa_only_image' => true)))) : "").

($uploadall ? (", filebrowserUploadUrl:".qa_js(qa_path('wysiwyg-editor-upload'))) : "").

In the same directory there's also a qa-wysiwyg-upload.php file. To me this suggests that it is possible, with the default install, to upload images. Question is: how?

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with the current version 1.4.1 image and file upload has already been included :)

see admin -> plugins -> WYSIWYG Editor --> Allow images to be uploaded