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Same qa_users database on two domains. Goal is to login the user to both domains at once.

I am still not using single-sign-on, instead I wanted to try something else:

1. User logs in.

2. PHP script sends email, passhash and IP using CURL (domain1 to domain2 call)

3. PHP script on domain2 logs the user in.

Now I see that this might be not possible, because:

A: the login script (on domain2) uses qa_db_user_logged_in($userid, qa_remote_ip_address()); and the remote IP is the server itself. This I could solve passing the user IP.

B. of qa_set_session_cookie() that tries to set a cookie for identifying the user. HOWEVER; the cookie is obviously not set (or set to the caller, the server).

Any way I can overcome issue B?

Q2A version: 1.8.3
is it same sub-domains?
No, two different domains. Domain1.com and domain2.com
With subdomains it is just straight forward. Otherwise, I don't think it's impossible but have to implement the stuffs you have mentioned.
As I said, it works serverside, but setting the cookie does not work because it "sets it at the calling server". So maybe it is impossible without another hack.
Probably you'll have to modify qa_set_session_cookie() implementation to set it to multiple servers. But I'm not sure if this is allowed due to security reasons.
This is definitely not allowed.

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