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Quite interesting thing a user requested. As soon as you click on EDIT (your answer) and then the checkbox "convert my answer to a comment", the last answer post (if answers exist) is selected in the dropdown.

My user (and I agree with her) said it would be better to default-select the question in the dropdown, so the answer given becomes a comment to the question (instead of any other answer given).

Trying to hack the according question-post.php I could not find a way of how to change the "selected" option. It should be somewhere in $commentonoptions.


PS: Probably would make sense to change that in core.
Q2A version: 1.8.3

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Ah, I think I found it: The 

'value' => @$commentonoptions[$lastbeforeid],

decides which is the one selected.

I commented the one out in:

if ($otheranswer['created'] > $lastbeforetime) {
				// $lastbeforeid = $otheranswer['postid'];
				$lastbeforetime = $otheranswer['created'];

Now the question gets selected as default.

thak you.............!