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i created new plugin and every thing is great i want to add nav link on 


i made this code


$qa_content['navigation']['main']['newnav'] = array (
'url' => qa_path_html('qa-newnav'),
'label' => qa_lang_html('main/newnav'),
this link appear and every thing is good
my problem is the like appear only if i opend my plugin url i mean 
if ($request == 'qa-newnav')
when i go to any other page this nav link disappear
how can i do that without change any thing inside the core 
my plugin type is page i tried all others types and same result
and i tried to create another plugin to add this nav only and didn't work
Update !!
i found the solution :)
this is how to do that
create qa-theme.php file inside your theme and past this code
class qa_html_theme extends qa_html_theme_base
function nav_main_sub()
$this->content['navigation']['main']['navbar'] = array (
'url' => 'your url here',
'label' => 'some label',
this will override nav_main_sub() and add any new link u want 
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