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after installing Tenkana's plugin i get a warning which appear on my side bar along with the top users

the warning says qa-lang-addon.php not found

what should i do?

related to an answer for: Showing popular contributors in sidebar
I get the same error. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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In fie qa-top-user.php the qa_lang_html('addon/top_user'), is searching for the correct language string.

My solution would be to use the existing misc-language file:

1. In qa-top-user.php change string from: qa_lang_html('addon/top_user'),
to: qa_lang_html('misc/top_user'),

2. open \qa-lang\qa-lang-misc.php and add in the end (within the array):
'top_user' => 'Top Users',

3. save and upload to your server.