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i want to use q2a to create a website. The feature that i want is a free editor with option (button) to upload image to post (question or answer).

I search about this and there is a lot of answers...every answer have a lot of comments with problems or many of the answers are 2 or three years old.

The question is: which one is the best,free editor with the option to upload image?

thanks for the support

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thanks for the suggestion....i have a problem, when i select the "Administration center - Plugins" to check the SCeditor options the site is getting "frozen" ...do you have the same problem.....is this plugin works well with the current version of q2a?
Ah, that's the problem with q2a checking the dead domain q2apro.com - fixed now, redownload this file: https://github.com/q2apro/q2apro-sceditor/blob/master/qa-plugin.php
great, seems to be ok now!!!

i have a question about this editor: is it possible to show the answer using this format:
answer's text

i want to show on every answer first of all the uploaded image and next the answer's text. Is it possible?